Why Colorful Paintings Around The House Can Alleviate Social Isolation & The Winter Blues...

I have heard from numerous friends and family members that being socially isolated and constrained at home during the winter time is making them extremely sad, depressed, and melancholic. This season has been a challenging time for me personally as well. Not only I have been socially isolated from friends and family while being pregnant, but I have also been dealing with the winter blues at the same time. It is a really challenging time for many of us, so in this post I wanted to share some insights as to how placing beautiful artworks around the house can really help with coping with the isolation and the winter blues we are all dealing with while stuck at home.

One of the main things that has helped me combat all these blues has been decorating the house with colorful artworks that have deep meanings for me. Staring at paintings that represent a certain theme that I enjoy calms me down - it is like being immersed into a different world that I am very happy to be living in.

When I create a piece of art it represents something that elicits certain emotions out of me. When I was painting my "Winter Desserts" collection, which is shown in the images above, I wanted to represent the joy of the holiday season, since during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season it has always been a tradition for my family and I to cook a lot of delicious desserts that we share with each other. My intention was to capture the warm and nostalgic feeling that this family tradition brought out of me through painting this collection. Viewing these colorful and delicious desserts on my wall daily makes me feel closer to my family, since I could not be with them during this holiday season.

Moreover, during the winter time daylight is getting shorter, and the mornings, at least here in Michigan where I currently live, are very dim and cloudy. Some days you wake up and you do not see the sunlight at all throughout the day. The lack of light can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder for many people, including myself. In order to add brightness to my day, I hung paintings with vibrant colors on my walls and every morning while I meditate or do yoga I stare at these paintings for a while in order to absorb the brightness they exude within my home. I am primarily surrounded by paintings that depict themes that make me jovial and remind me of happy moments throughout my life.

What's more, I placed mini artworks throughout different areas of the house in order to add even more color around each space I hang out or work at. Some of them are dedicated to special people in my life, so I placed them around the house in order to be reminded of how blessed I am to have so many people that love me and care about me. This daily reminder of being grateful about all the good things in my life has helped me kickstart my day feeling more joyful and positive.

I really believe that placing meaningful and beautiful art pieces around your house can really alleviate some of the negative feelings that come with this social isolation that we are all going through, especially during the long winter season. Art is a catalyst for positive transformation in our lives and it has the potential to raise our awareness about our relationship to others and our bond with our surroundings.

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