My sources of inspiration as an artist

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Everything around us can be a source of inspiration and that is very true for most artists. Traveling and visiting diverse destinations has always helped me draw inspiration for most of my paintings. Usually, my art works depict a real landscape, where I sometimes add fictional figure/s in it, as they come up in my imagination. I personally do not aim to paint a supra-realistic depiction of what I see in front of me. In my art works, the landscape and the figures evolve into a fantasy version and are depicted in diverse color ranges that are picked intuitively by me.

For example, below you can see my painting named "Against the Odds" that is inspired by a walk on the black sand beach of Perissa, in Santorini, Greece. As you can see, in my painting I have altered the landscape colors and positioning from the original picture in order to fit my emotional state at the moment I created this art work.

In the "Stardust" painting shown below, I was inspired by the statue of this angel that I saw at a cemetery near Detroit, MI. However, when I started painting this picture I altered the colors, since my intention was to capture how I perceived this landscape with the statue in the middle of it. In my mind's eye, I pictured stardust falling from the sky and passing right through the translucent figure of the angel. This way I was able to capture the magical and spiritual magnanimity of the statue by depicting it in a surreal framework.

I followed the same process for the "Heart of Winter" painting as well. The positioning of the landscape in this painting was inspired by the beautiful snow-covered land of Girdwood, Alaska, as it is shown in the picture below. However, for the depiction of the mountain ranges and the pine trees I followed my own imagination and painted a fairytale-like landscape, where I chose my colors intuitively.

My latest inspiration for painting came when I visited my grandparents for New Year's Eve in the beautiful seaside town of Vlorë in Albania. During a walk along the seashore, I noticed that boats would dump their trash in the sea, thus harming the precious sea-life there. Watching the accumulation of plastic and other materials asphyxiate the life of the sea creatures in that area, inspired me to sketch the idea for my next painting that I will begin working on soon.

I am inspired as an artist by nature and it is unpredictable, breath-taking, and awe-striking landscape formations. I am also inspired by minutiae details I see in the natural habitats that influence our daily living. My art works do not aim to depict what I see in realistic details. Instead, my art expresses what I see in front of me not only through my eyes, but through my emotions and thoughts as well.

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