7 Ways To Regain Your Creative Spark

Since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter I felt that I hit a creative slump. Maybe it was the constant exhaustion, maybe the fact that I had to get used to a completely new life and routine, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas for new artworks. I was feeling extremely discouraged, to the point that I was questioning whether it was worth pursuing my artistic endeavors anymore.

I realized, though, that my brain was so overtired and anxious all the time that it was tricking me to believe that I am inadequate as an artist and that I’ve lost all my creative talent. Therefore, I decided that it was time to take some simple steps to reconnect with my creativity again, which I will share below.

1. Redecorate the studio

I wanted my studio to be a positive space so I added flowers and various colorful brush and paint holders. Flowers brighten up the mood and can make you feel less anxiety. Whenever I add flowers in my studio, I feel happier and calmer. Also, colorful art materials brighten up the studio space, which lightens up my mood as well.

2. Purchase new canvases and brushes of various sizes

Part of redecorating the studio involved also purchasing some new art materials that could allow me to start new creations. I chose to purchase various canvas sizes in order to not limit myself whenever inspiration came. I have been in situations in the past where I was so inspired to create something, but I did not have the right canvas size for my piece so I delayed my work or even lost my creative idea altogether. I decided to not make that mistake again, so I purchased these canvases from Blick Art Materials. It is also wise to have brushes of different sizes and shapes around in order to meet the needs of the artwork you are inspired to create on the spot. A good brush makes all the difference when it comes to creating art. I bought these synthetic brushes from Blick Art Materials.

3. Take a thorough inventory of all the paints

There have been so many times where I was in the middle of a project and I realized that I am running out of a paint I needed. I have learned that it is better to be fully prepared for when inspiration strikes you. Sometimes an idea can be so fleeting that if you don’t capture it immediately it may go away and that creative spark might be lost for the time being. Therefore, I took inventory of all the colors I needed in order to ensure I had all the materials ready for when I was ready to paint again. I also experimented with new colors that I had never tried before, such as interference acrylic colors from Blick Art Materials.

4. Go through old photo albums for inspiration

Some artists prefer to create visual boards on Pinterest for art inspiration. While I do that at times, what I prefer the most is going through my old travel albums and putting aside pictures that spark a strong emotional response out of me.

5. Sketch daily

I held myself accountable to sketch daily in order to keep my connection to my craft. I signed up for sketching classes at Skillshare and learned new drawing techniques while my baby was napping. It wasn’t easy to just pick up my acrylic paints and go paint at times. However, I could sketch anytime anywhere. The drawing supply sets from Blick Art Materials are amazing for any artist that wants to perfect their drawing skills.

6. Create a visual color collage from interior design and art magazines

I have subscribed to multiple art and interior design magazines in order to keep up with the current trends of the art industry. I believe that it is imperative to be informed about the industry you are in if you are pursuing something professionally. Anytime an article or color design caught my eye, I would rip it off the magazine and add it to my visual board collage in my studio for future inspiration.