How Mixed Media Art Expands Artistic Imagination

There is usually a specific color combo or color hues that come up in my mind when I am awake and / or dreaming. It is like my intense moods and emotions are suddenly translated into colors inside my brain. When this happens to me, I have this strong urge to transfer these colors immediately into a canvas.

During these times, I just pour the colors that are strongly embedded into my mind directly in my canvas in hefty amounts and then I use multiple mixed media mediums to create the texture and smoothness I seek for in a specific line or a specific part of the canvas.

For instance, in my artwork "Exypsosi," I have used withered flowers, super glue, and leaves in order to transfer the desired color hues into the canvas. I also used art sponges in order to create the smooth interplay of colors that I was seeking.

In my most recent artwork, "Liri," I wanted to provide a surreal imagery to the beach portrayed. Therefore, I used metal leaf adhesive and sprinkled the sand on specific areas of the canvas and then I painted over some parts of the sand with acrylic colors.

Incorporating mixed media into my art gives me a sense of merging a piece of our real natural world into the world of the scenery that I depict on the canvas. It is an amalgamation of reality and abstractionism; of the real world and the perceived world.

While creating such pieces I allow my spirit to wonder freely throughout the canvas. It feels like I am immersed into a flowing meditative state, where my soul and hand guide the process and I am the vessel. While I experiment with mixed media techniques I expand my artistic capabilities and I leave behind the norms of art making that I am already familiar with. This way I can freely wander into new realms of artistic possibilities.

I usually end up with a totally novel interplay of colors and textures when I paint with a withered flower leaf than when I paint with a flat brush. I also feel very connected through my senses to the scenery portrayed in my canvas.

The more I experiment with such techniques the more my imagination runs wild and I incorporate new mediums that I end up using for future works as well. For instance, while creating "Exypsosi," I decided to use super glue to create multiple protruding, wavy lines in some parts of the artwork. I subsequently covered the dried glue pieces in acrylic color in order to obtain the results I was looking for. I loved that technique so much that I ended up using it again into both the "Liri" and the "Aqua" paintings.

Mixed media art helps me expand my imagination when it comes to art making and avoid stagnation and confinement to limited artistic expressions that I am familiar with when creating artistic pieces. I believe that the artistic process is infinite - there is no one size fits all and no just one way of creating a specified result. I hope you all experiment with novel and unique techniques when creating your own masterpieces, whether that is in the artistic realm or any other creative realm out there.

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