5 Free Phone Apps You Need For Editing Your Business Page Photos

Your goal may be to scale-up your online business presence. However, one major factor to achieving that goal is posting beautiful and captivating images online so that potential customers are attracted to your product. It is true that many social media platforms, like Instagram, already offer custom filtering for photos but, at times, their offers can be limiting. You might envision a specific way of how you want your images to look like before posting them online. Below I am going to talk about 5 amazing free photo apps that I highly recommend for editing your own pictures so that your online business page can look even more stunning!

1. Airbrush

The Airbrush app is primarily useful if you are looking to add a beautiful aesthetic to your images, similar to that of a professional photoshoot.

This app is great if you are looking to:

- Smooth face features.

- Even out skin tones.

- Add artificial make-up to your face.

- Brighten the eyes.

- Sculpt and change facial features.

- Add hair volume.

- Add depth in the picture.

- Control light and color.

- Provide glowing luminosity to the photos through a plethora of unique filters (new ones are added on a consistent basis).

Below are some examples of how I edited some of my photos with this app:

2. Snapseed

The Snapseed app is a professional photo editor that was created by Google.

I love this app because it offers a variety of tools and filters, including Perspective, HDR, Structure, Brush, and Vintage to name a few. Also, it offers you the opportunity to keep your original photo and save the edited one as a new image.

This app is great if your are looking to:

- Tweak details with precise control.

- Crop photos to standard sizes or freely.

- Rotate by 90 degrees or straighten a skewed horizon.

- Fix skewed lines and adjust the geometry of horizons in buildings.

- Brush the image by controlling exposure, saturation, brightness and warmth.

- Add a soft darkness around the corners.

- Add stylized text to your images.

- Increase the size of your canvas and fill up new space with image or content.

- Create a lens blur.

- Add glamour glow.

- Add diverse filters to your photos (vintage, retrolux, noir, grainy).

- Add frames with adjustable size.

- Blend two photos by selecting diverse blending modes.

- Enhance faces.

- Correct face pose based on 3D models.

3. PicSee

I like this app because you can add fun text and stickers to your photos through it. Your edited photos can be instantly shared on Instagram and Facebook through PicSee.

Some advanced features for this app require a monthly subscription fee. However, the basic features are free and I have found that they have been plenty helpful in editing my photos.

This app is best if your are looking to:

-Add stylized text to your images (you can select from 100+ fonts and textarts). You can adjust the size, color and position of your text design.

- Add typography eye-catching designs.

- Add diverse stickers (the app offers 200+ stickers that make your pictures fun). The stickers' colors and textures can be edited too.

- Add professional filters (such as natural lights, textures, clear, nostalgic).

4. Grids

This app is great for creating large photos or panoramas into a number of square pictures. You can upload a picture into the Grids app and choose a sizing option (6 of them are free) and the app crops the image for you. Then you submit the pictures directly from the app to your Instagram in the order that the app suggests.

5. Layout

Layout is a great app for creating photo collages. You can mirror, flip and zoom in and out of images. You can add borders between your images too. Through this app you can mix up to 9 photos at the same time. I like Layout a lot because you can create a storytelling collage that fits the aesthetic perspective that you are looking for.

Bonus App Recommendation: PhotoBulk (for PC only)

If you want to be able to watermark or rename your images in a bulk, this app is just what you need. You can drag and drop as many images as you want in the app and then you can add a personalized watermark to all of them at the same time. The app also offers options to resize and rename your images in bulk as well.

PhotoBulk costs $9.99 and it is compatible with PC only. However, it has saved me tons of time for watermarking and renaming my images. Therefore, I highly recommend it!

If there are other editing apps you recommend, I would love to hear about them in the comments section at the bottom of the page here.

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