Step 1

Select the installment plan under the purchasing options offered for the artwork of your choice. You will be charged the 1st installment amount + the full cost of the shipping fee.   

*For PRINT Payment Plans contact us and specify the Print Piece, Type, and Size you desire. 

Step 2

For the remaining 3 installments you will be sent monthly invoices to remind you of the due date of your installment payment. 

Step 3

Once all 4 installments are paid, your selected artwork will be shipped to you!

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Once you select the artwork you would like to purchase under this payment plan, you will pay a down payment of 25% of the total price of the artwork (shipping fees will be included in the total price). This first 25% installment will be followed by 3 subsequent monthly installments of 25% on the artwork of your choice. I will reserve the artwork until you pay the balance in full. Once you make the down payment, your preferred artwork will be reserved for you. I will not ship the artwork until the balance due is paid in full. Although you have 3 months to complete these payments, you can also pay your balance sooner, if you prefer to do so. Please note that payment plans are not available for commissioned works. Once you make the initial installment of 25% of the total price for your selected artwork, you are agreeing to the terms stated in this page, so please read carefully below.


As a courtesy to our valued customers, we will not request any interest to be paid.


Payments are collected via Inesa's artWorld online store and can be made through PayPal or any type of credit/debit card. You will receive monthly invoices at your registered email containing a link to the product page in the store that will allow you to pay your monthly invoice. 


The Payment Plan you agree to is a binding contract, but we understand that extenuating circumstances may render it difficult for you to make the payments within the aforementioned timeframe. Please contact us directly should you encounter any extenuating circumstances during you payment plan and we will work at our discretion to accommodate your new circumstances, when possible.


If you have initiated a payment plan and for some reason you wish to cancel further payments and receive a refund on payments already made, you may do so. However, the following conditions apply:

  1. You must notify us immediately so that the artwork can be available in the market again.

  2. You will be charged a 25% fee (which is the first installment amount) of the total price for the artwork. This will be the service fee that compensates for placing the artwork off the market for the period of time that you reserved it. 


If for any reason you cannot make your monthly payment, you must notify us prior to missing a payment to remain in good faith with my establishment; attempts to retain your patronage with alternative payment plan may be possible. After 1 week any unpaid accounts will be considered delinquent accounts. If no communication and payment is received for up to 60 days, your payment plan will be terminated and your selected artwork will be placed back into the market. You will also forfeit any and all payments you have authorized on your account. Therefore, if we receive no payment and no communication from you within 60 days your selected artwork will no longer be reserved for you and you will receive no refunds for any payments you made.

If you are ready to purchase an artwork through this payment plan or if you have any questions about these terms & conditions, please feel free contact me.