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About Inesa Preciado


I was born in a small European country named Albania. Since I was very little, my family immigrated to the neighboring country, Greece. I remember that I first started learning the Greek language by reading the illustrated fairy tales of Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. I would voraciously read these stories and get engrossed in the beautiful fantasy world that they brought to life. That is when I started painting in watercolors fantasy art figures and themes. Since I grew up in Greece, my art was also deeply influenced by the heroic and allegorical themes conveyed in Greek mythology.

Like the mythology heroes that follow their own journey until they find their true self, when it was time to go to college, I began my own heroine’s journey. Like all hero’s journeys, I encountered many obstacles and divergent paths before I was able to return to my true passion, Art.

At the age of eighteen I received a full tuition college scholarship and, hence, travelled all the way to the United States to attend Bucknell University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. I subsequently attended Duke University, where I earned my Master of Business Administration. While the main focus of my university studies has been business-oriented, Art was what I found most enchanting and my desire to be part of the art world guided me to attend as many Art courses as I could throughout my academic career.


With every opportunity I had for the last ten years, I spent my time traveling and learning about art in Italy, France, Iceland, Croatia, Denmark, and the Netherlands to name a few countries, where I was fascinated and deeply moved by the masterpieces of Romantic, Symbolic, and the Surrealist artistic movements. Longing to incorporate my artistic visions, I would often employ my creative mindset when completing innovative marketing and strategy projects throughout my business career.

However, this never seemed to satiate my desire to be more intimate with my Artistic side. As a result, I realized that I needed to create an opportunity to truly allow myself to live in such a way that I could be highly creative and free of any limitations to my artistic spirit. Therefore, in my spare time from work I attended art classes and spent a significant amount of time daily teaching myself various acrylic painting techniques. 

As my craft began to form and develop, I realized that only through art I could fully express my true self. Therefore, in 2019 I quit my corporate career to pursue my own journey as an artist, which has allowed the world to have an opportunity to purchase the magical and emotional artistic works that are currently available for sale. ​

I currently reside with my husband, Ray, in the beautiful state of Michigan, but I frequently travel to beautiful and diverse places to gain inspiration for my art works, so I like to call my self a "world wanderer." My art portrays the beauty of the human soul and our emotions through fantasy and symbolic representations.